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Publish Date: 16 December 2019

Arbaeen Mookebs are worldwide registered

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the 14th meeting of the international committee for the preservation of human spiritual heritage in Colombia registered “the hosting and services during Arbaeen rite” as a spiritual heritage.














Accordingly, Hassan Polark, chairman of the Arbaeen Public Participation Committee (APPC), congratulated worldwide registration of Arbaeen Mookebs, as follow:

In the name of God the compassionate and the merciful

Arbaeen is the emblem of cohesion and convergence of modern Islamic civilization

We thank God Almighty who favored us in a time when American-led global arrogance has exerted all its slaughtered efforts to destroy Islam and divide Muslim societies, the Islamic community with cohesion and unity and faith in the legitimacy message of Imam Hussein(PBUH) chose a path that is today regarded as the greatest human event.

Arbaeen Mookebs are worldwide registered

Wise decisions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Imam Khamenei(Long live), to create a new Islamic civilization, based on the teachings and lessons of the great movement of Arbaeen Husseini, relying on the Almighty God and the ambitions of all servants, compassionates and lovers of Ahle Beit(PBUT) will be possible and feasible,  (If Allah wills).

Hereby I congratulate this worldwide registration at UNESCO to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the honorable nation of Iran, dear honorable Mookeb members of Iran and Iraq, in particular the board of Trustees, executives and servants In the shaping and development of this very important event, with dedication and diligent effort and diligent service, they have taken effective steps to raise the banner of Sayyed al-Shohada (PBUH), and wish you all you, dear ones, increasing success from God.

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