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Publish Date: 14 December 2019

The interior of the shrine of Imam Hussein(PBUH) is expected to be one and a half times larger in the next year’s summer

The second phase of connecting cellars of Imam Hussein(PBUH) holy shrine has been started and will be one and a half larger with the completion of the available space to the pilgrims by the next summer.

Al-Qablah crypt is the largest cellars of Imam Hussein(PBUH) holy shrine which connects all cellars (crypt) of Imam Hussein(PBUH) holy shrine.

Also in the construction of this crypt, the cellars of Imam Hussein(PBUH) shrine will also be connected to Haer Hussein (the place of Imam Hussein grave). In the first phase the atriums from Bab al-Qablah and Bab al-Zinbiyah, of Imam Hussein (PBUH) shrine, were predicted, which are finished.

 The project is being implemented in partnership with the Iraqi company and HOROSH.

In Phase II of this project, two atriums south of scene were considered in order to facilitate the passage of pilgrims during busy times.

According to the officials of the project, the connection of the Crypt to Haer Hosseini(the place of Imam Hussein grave) will be completed by the middle of next year and with this the space available to pilgrims will be one and a half times larger than the current space.

According to Fars, Al-Qablah crypt has a total entrance area of ​​1,800 square meters and a capacity of 4,000 pilgrims such that the first entrance is from Bob al-Zinbiyah and the other is from Bob al-Raja.

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